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All Massachusetts residents who reside in cities and towns with state certified libraries may borrow or request materials from the Leominster Public Library.  Residents of communities with closed or decertified libraries may  not borrow or request materials.

Anyone wishing to borrow materials will need a library card issued either by the Leominster Public Library or by another public C/W MARS member library in Central Massachusetts.
Click here to find out how to get a library card.
If any item you are looking for has been borrowed by someone else or is not owned by the library, we can obtain it for you through network transfer/inter-library loan. Ask a Librarian for more information.

For your convenience, the library has two bookdrops open 24/7. One is located to the left of the Pearl Steet Entrance and the other is located in the small service driveway on West Street side of the building.

Loan Periods
• DVDs and videos circulate for 7 days.
• New books circulate for 14 days.
• Other library materials circulate for 21 days.
• Items like museum passes, art prints and science kits have
   special loan periods.
• Generally, library materials can be renewed once if no
   one is waiting for them.

Lending Limits
• There is a limit of 50 items at a time per library card.
• You can borrow up to 6 items at one time in each of the
   following categories: CDs, DVDs and videos.

Overdue Fines
• DVDs or videos— $1.00 per day, maximum $5.00 per item.
• Other library materials—10˘ per day, maximum $3.00 per item.
• Items like museum passes, art prints and science kits – special fines.
• Items borrowed from other libraries— different fines may be charged
• Once your fines reach $10.00, your library borrowing
   privileges are suspended.
• Senior Citizens are not charged overdue fines.

Overdue and Damaged Materials
• You will receive a postcard or email notifying you of any overdue materials
   approximately two weeks after the items were due. 
• Approximately four weeks later, you will receive a bill for these materials.
   At this time your library borrowing privileges are suspended until the material
   is returned or its replacement cost paid.
• You are responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged items.

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