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Library to move to temporary location
Anna Parachkevova, Sentinel & Enterprise, April 12, 2005

LEOMINSTER -- The public library will move to Crossroad Office Park at 690 Mechanic St. for the next 18 months, until renovation and expansion of its current facility is completed.The library's Board of Trustees announced the temporary location Monday, during a monthly meeting at the library's current quarters on 30 West St.

Over 100, 000 books, popular print and non-print materials will be transported to the new location during a two-week period in the beginning of May, Gilbert Tremblay, vice chairman of the board, said.

"People have been very supporting of the whole project," Tremblay said. "We are trying to make it as convenient to them as possible."

In order to minimize inconvenience to the public, the library will gradually close access to portions of its collection, starting with its older ones.

New books, media releases, audio and video materials, as well as library programs and information services, will remain available until the library closes on May 2.

The temporary location, which is half the size of the library's current facility, will house all popular print and non-print materials and about a third of the library's old collection.

The rest will be packed and put into longterm storage, Tremblay said.

The library will resume its regular hours at the temporary location on May 16.

The temporary location will also allow the library to maintain separate adult, children's and young adult areas, and to offer library programs and Internet access.

The library board of trustees and its building committee reviewed a total of six proposals, which were submitted since last October, according to a press release.

Zoning regulations, suitability for library services and projected costs all played a role in the selection, Tremblay said.

"Crossroad Office Park was selected as the most financially affordable location," he said.

The library will lease 11,000 square feet at the new location at the rate of $8.60 per square foot a year.

The library anticipates bidding the construction of the expanded and renovated public library on April 12 in the Central Register.

The deadline for sub-bids will be May 17.

"The contract will go to the lowest qualified bidder," Tremblay said.

A groundbreaking ceremony will follow the deadline for the general contract, which is slated for June 2.


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