Temporary Library Location Announced - April 12, 2005

The Leominster Public Library Board of Trustees and the Library Building Committee announced that an agreement for temporary quarters for the library has been reached. The library will move to Crossroads Office Park, 690 Mechanic Street, where it will lease approximately 11,000 square feet. It is expected that the library will relocate there for an estimated 18 months while the construction, renovation, and expansion of the existing facility is underway.

The temporary location was chosen using a formal Request for Proposal process, which began in October 2004. As a result of this process, the Board of Trustees received six proposals. A sub-committee of the Board of Trustees conducted site visits to all six locations. Proposals were evaluated based on suitability of code, zoning, specific requirements for library services, and ultimately cost. Four proposals were initially eliminated because the locations were not permitted for use as a public library by Leominster Zoning Ordinances. The remaining two proposals were reviewed primarily for the total costs associated with both build-out and rent.

Due to minimal build-out requirements, and a square foot lease which is substantially lower than current market rate, Crossroads Office Park was selected as the most financially affordable location. The build-out was minimal due to prior permitting for public assembly uses.

The current library facility will close to the public beginning Monday, May 2nd. It will reopen at the temporary location at 9:00 a.m. Monday, May 16th for regular hours of library hours of service.

In planning its move and closing, the library had made every attempt possible to minimize inconvenience to the public. To accomplish this, the library will close access to its materials collection in phases. Older areas of its collection will become unavailable to the public beginning the week of April 4th. Portions of all service areas within the library will remain open to the public until the actual closing of the building. New books, daily newspapers, current magazines, books-on-tape and CD, videos, DVDs, compact discs, public Internet computers, library programs, and information services will remain available until the day the library closes to the public on Monday, May 2nd.

This phased in approach will allow for the packing of materials that will be put into long-term storage during the time the library is in the temporary location. Since the library will be operating in approximately 50% of the space of the current facility, a large portion of the library’s older collection will be stored. While at the temporary location, the library will be able to borrow virtually anything a patron requests from other libraries within the state.

The temporary location will enable the library to maintain separate adult, children’s and young adult areas, as well as house all popular print and non-print materials, a portion of its older collection, make available public Internet computers, and continue library programs.

The library anticipates bidding the construction of the expanded and renovated public library on April 12th in the Central Register. Based on this invitation to bid, the deadline for filed sub-bids will be May 17th, and the deadline for the general contract will be June 2nd. The library will look forward to a public groundbreaking ceremony in mid to late June.



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