Public Fax & Scanning service at Leominster Public Library!

The Library offers public fax and scanning service to our patrons.  We are able to provide this service through an agreement with a Connecticut-based company called TeleVend Services, Inc.  that supplies the fax machine and takes care of nearly all of the maintenance.  Here are the main points to know about the service:


      $1.75 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page for faxing to the USA, Canada, the Caribbean & scanning to email.  Per page rates can be lower for faxes of 10 - 18 pages when using an 18-page cash fax card.

·         $3.95 for the first page, $3.45 for each additional page for International faxing.

      The fax/scan machine accepts credit and debit cards for payment!  Cash customers may purchase a fax card from the Information Desk.

·         The fax/scan machine is located on the 2nd Floor of the library near the Information Desk and is designed to be entirely self-service.  Just pick up the handset on the machine and you'll be guided through the steps by voice prompts. Press “9” once the voice prompts begin to hear instructions in Spanish. If there are problems, there is a toll-free number (888-271-5666) on the machine to call for assistance.

Other features of the service:

·         By using Televend’s customer website www.faxscan24.com, you can access additional features:

·         Check Your Fax Status/Resend Fax for Free allows you to have access to your faxed document to check its status, resend it once for free to the same or a different fax number, or to resend the original fax to multiple fax numbers for only $1.25 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.

      Check your Fax Card Balance and History allows you to see the page balance on a fax card and when the card was used.

      Send your Scanned Document to Email allows you to scan pages at the FaxScan24 kiosk and then go to www.faxscan24.com to complete the transaction. You will be asked to identify your scan by entering the card number used for payment and the 10 digit phone number entered at the fax kiosk. Once the scan has been identified, it can be downloaded & printed or emailed as an attachment.  Scanned documents are saved as TIFF image files.

·         Send a Fax From Your Computer allows anyone to fax a digital document from any computer to a fax machine for only $1.25 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.


      The fax/scan machine is able to scan paper documents only, up to 8.5 inches in width.

      The service only allows faxes to be sent, not received.  If you need to receive a fax, try Staples in Leominster (978-534-6800) or The Most Office (978-342-0234)near the Twin City Plaza in Fitchburg.

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