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Applying for a library card:

• Any resident of Massachusetts with proper identification of
   home address may apply for a card.

• Your first card is free. Replacement cards cost $1.00.

• Your library card may be used at other public C/W MARS member libraries in
  Central Massachusetts. If you already have a library card from another public
  C/W MARS member library in Central Massachusetts, you may use it here.

• Your borrowing privileges at C/W MARS member libraries are determined by
  where you live and not by where you get your library card. If you reside in
  a community with a closed or decertified library, you will not be able to
  borrow or request materials from the Leominster Public Library. 

Read our notice to residents of communities with closed or decertified libraries.

Library cards are issued immediately at the library’s Adult Circulation Desk upon the presentation of completed application form and acceptable identification.

Acceptable forms of identification:
Before a Leominster Public Library card can be issued, all applicants must provide identification containing their name and current home address. Parents or guardians may use their identification to satisfy this requirement for their minor children. Acceptable forms of identification include:

• Driver’s License
• Automobile Registration
• Lease or Rental Agreement
• Utility Bill (issued within the last month)
• Bank Statement or Check Book
• Piece of cancelled mail (within the last month)
• Official School Documents

Please note that a Post Office box may be used as a mailing address but is not sufficient for identification purposes for home address.

Library cards for minors:
A parent or guardian must sign for children under the age of 12. Teenagers between the ages of 12 – 17 may sign for themselves.

Library card expiration dates:
Library cards are renewed periodically. At that time, borrower information is verified and the same card is used.

For your convenience, you may print the Leominster Public Library Card Application. Fill it out and bring it to the library with your identification.
Leominster Public Library Card Application

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